Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of education


My goal as a teacher is to inspire my students to be compassionate global citizens who view themselves as intelligent and able individuals who can be happy and make a difference in their communities.  I encourage my students to be responsible for their learning.  I cheer for students who ask questions and I praise students who push beyond the ‘right answer’ finding the unexplored.  I ask students to work hard and be proud of themselves.  I encourage cooperation and believe that successful learning is one where we all learn.  I encourage students to search for their unique talents and become skilled in areas they love.  Every year I give my students a list of my “aphorisms” on learning and encourage them to create their own.

  1. Be a scholar.

A scholar is excited about learning.  A scholar is so excited that she attacks the work assigned and then moves on to search for more information. She searches until she learns all about the topic and then more.  A scholar finds other scholars to converse with about history, literature, science, math, music and art.   A scholar likes to share what he learns. A scholar thinks creatively. A scholar follows the light beyond the opening of the tunnel and runs into the sunlit field.

  1. Enjoy school.

You spend more time in school or studying for school than you do anything else.  Commit to making this time of study and school the best of times.

  1. You are your own teacher.

The old guys in front of the classroom are merely guides to your journey in the heart of darkness…guiding you to the light of discovery.  They can only take you so far.  Please say goodbye before you leave us behind.

  1. No one is smarter than you can be.

Those other scholars just have lived longer and have had more time to work at that learning part.

My goal as a leader in education is similar to my goal as a teacher.  I believe that we are in education to empower our students. We are in education to provide students the tools they need to prosper.  We are in education to give our students the mentorship they need to be compassionate and able teachers, inventors, artists, philosophers, leaders and members of humanity.  As an educational leader, I aim to help all educators to accomplish this responsibility.  I have abundant respect for teachers and believe that each one wants to be the best teacher to help their students triumph.  My job as a leader is to help teachers find the path to make that happen.  I do not believe that money and buildings make a great education.  Only teachers and their students can do that.



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