Social Studies Twitter Project

This Middle School project is part of an effort to bring creativity into the class and to encourage the use of technology in student work.

1.  Webpage:

2.  Twitter: #isehistory

3. site:

4.  The students are also reading sections of Samantha Power’s The Problem from Hell.  We will watch a PBS Documentary (2006): “The Armenian Genocide.”

5.  The student’s final assessment will be to publish a paper version magazine based on the Tweets, photos and editorials (each will write an editorial in lieu of a traditional essay).

6.  Here is a first attempt to draft a publication with  Armenian Teenagers: 1915.


The 9th and 10th Grade Social Studies class at the International School of Estonia are developing a real life Twitter project on Ottoman Armenians in 1915.  This project is part of their unit on International Human Rights: Genocide and the Armenians 1915-18.

Each student has adopted the persona of a fictitious Armenian teen, living during the time of the genocide.  Everyday the students write tweets on their life as these Armenian teenagers living in Eastern Turkey.

Everyday the students write tweets on their life as Armenian teenagers
living in Eastern Turkey.   The students talk about the food they eat, the clothes they wear, their families, their homes, and their religion.
Recently, they learned to write their Armenian adopted names
in Armenian script.  A few of the Tweets have mentioned
some uncomfortable experiences with some Turkish neighbors,
although a few Tweets have spoken of friendships with Turkish teens.Come and join us.
Meet the victims of a crime against humanity,
before the atrocities began.  Become their friends and empathize with the Armenian teens as they deal with life everyday just as most teens do today.
Check out our Tweets as more serious problems develop.
Go to Twitter: #isehistory. Click on the sidebar to read
some of the more recent Tweets available on

Young Armenian in Ottoman Turkey.

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