5 Myths about Project Based Learning units

This article in “Edutopia” has a good list of the fears that we teachers have before we embark on a Project Based Learning unit (in many ways similar to a Service Learning unit).  I have some experience using Project Based and Service Learning (see earlier posts under Project Based Learning).  
I am an advocate of this method of teaching and feel that this method of teaching is an effective way to help students think creatively, feel ownership in their learning, and help students develop skills necessary for education and life (authentic learning).
However, I think the amount of time it takes to complete one of these projects is problematic.  For those of us who face standardized testing – requiring students to cover a large amount of information (in my case, IB History exams), these projects need to be truncated to the point of being merely a sound bite of an experience.  What do you think?
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