What is your favorite history movie?

I like movies.  I like learning history.

I often think,  “I wish I could teach serious history by watching movies.”  Instead of assigning those long readings I feel I must assign before my students will know and understand history and historiography, why can’t we just watch movies?

So where are all the movies on Bismarck? How about the movie, “Kissinger, On China”?  (When is that one coming out?) I mean fun movies. Starring Sean Penn and Robert Downey, Jr.  How about “Angelina Jolie and the Palace of Versailles?”  Liam Neeson in “Fritz Fischer Changes History?” Jet Li as Yuan Shikai?  OK… Maybe that’s going to far.

You can check my HISTORY OF STUFF blog for a few links to great films on the Cold War.

What is your favorite movie to learn history?


One response to “What is your favorite history movie?

  1. Ok, for ColdWar = Dr. Strange Love
    WWII = TV show Band of Brothers

    … I know there’s more – let me think about it

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